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WHAT IS DESIGN – Users talks about how your product works

… Continuation to the previous post “Design is not look and feel, Design is how the product works”.



So normally a product, which has not undergone through the UX/UCD/Usability process, will have lots of negative impact on the business side. It is noticed that the product owner wants to build the product and release to the market, so that the revenue starts flowing in.

Typically the product link is shared to few friends, relatives, contact etc. Now-a-days its easier to release in the social sites. Tough many of them may not be needing the product, still they will critic first. (Actually it’s a human tendency. Always a person looks at the negative point of anything on earth).

Once the product team gets the feedback, they start spending time on analyzing the product, “specially, the look and feel”. The product team thinks that the user is talking about the Look and Feel and they put lots of effort in changing the L&F of the layouts. A user never talks about only colors. The user critics about the un-comfort/pain points of the product.

Of course! The beta version or the 1st release of the product can add few customers to generate revenue, which can help in growing the business. But again there is a saying “First impression Last for long”. Now the amount they earn from the beta/1st release version, they lose it in rework, beautifying the layouts, sometimes changing the architect etc.

By enlarge if you see, an user never talks about only the colors, users talks about how the product works.


At UX Interface, we always keep the mental model of the users in mind and then design.


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